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Sampling can also be used for market research purposes. To do this you can give the public a sample of the product and ask them to complete a feedback form. The company can then use this information to modify its product to satisfy the majority of the consumers if needed.

Promo Staff Agency, Sampling
Sampling Staff, Promo Staff

Sampling is a great way of promoting a product to a wide audience. Sampling gives the public a brief taster of the product with the hope they will purchase it in the future and also tell friends and family about it. Sampling is most effective when carried out in places with high footfall such as trade shows & exhibitions, in stores as well as on busy high streets or train and tube stations during rush hour.

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Promotional Staff London
Sampling Staff, Promotional Staff
Promo Girls Agency, Sampling Staff

Our sampling staff have carried out extensive promotions for various brands and products. We have pro-active, friendly and professional staff that can assist companies with their Sampling promotions and ensure it is a success.

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Sampling Staff London

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Sampling Staff, Promotional Staff