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Data capture is a method of promotion that entices people to give their contact details to promotional staff. A company can then use these details for marketing purposes. Some ways of enticing the public to give their personal contact details can be to offer free gifts, prize draw entries, day passes, free trials or other incentives that relate to the company’s product or service. The company can then use these details to inform customers of their latest offers, promotions or update them with a monthly newsletter.The key to effective data capture results is to ensure the promotional staff target the right people and locations at the right times. This should result in quality leads which are relavent to the company’s product or service.

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Our staff can collect data by good old fashioned pen & paper or they are also competent using technology such as iPads, tablets and PDAs.
Our data capture staff are well-spoken, confident approaching the public and have the experience to filter quality leads. They have completed many successful data capture promotions at exhibitions, sporting events, trendy bars and busy high streets to name a few.

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