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Brand ambassadors are promotional staff who can easily be trained to have an in-depth knowledge on a brand or product to help increase awareness. Brand ambassadors are fast learners who are confident and comfortable talking to the public on behalf of a company. Our brand ambassadors at Tidy Models possess all the necessary skills to professionally represent a company and are always great communicators to ensure they get the core message across to the target audience.

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brand ambassadors, promotional models
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To ensure the brand/company achieves the best possible results for their promotional campaign, we suggest on having a training day for our brand ambassadors. This enables them to be thoroughly briefed and confident on the products/services they are representing and promoting.

We take pride in understanding a company’s image and ethos and therefore provide the most suitable brand ambassadors for them. Enthusiasm and intelligence are key for all of our staff and we can match the staffs’ personality, image and beliefs to correctly represent our clients.

Upon completion of events, our brand ambassadors can complete feedback forms where they can track the overall progress of the campaign, the number of sale-transactions, and report the number of the target market reached. All of this feedback would be shared with the clients for their future marketing endeavors.

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