Promotional Staffing Agency

Keen to spread the word about a particular product or service? Perhaps you simply want to extend the reach of your brand? An event provides a great opportunity to promote something, but in order to maximise your chances of success, you might want to enlist the help of promotional staff.

Tidy Models operates a promotional staffing agency. Our staff are all hand-picked for their drive, personality, intelligence, efficiency and competence. Achieving positive results for our clients is what we do. We’ll take a detailed brief which outlines our requirements and expectations. It will then be our aim to meet those expectations, bringing the best results possible.

Our promotional agency is well-qualified to provide you with the best in the business. We can offer the best promotional staff in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and other cities in the UK. We take pride in achieving great results for our clients at their events.

You can hire staff from our promotional staffing agency as and when you need to. Whatever your event, we’ll make sure you get the best promotional service.

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