Promotional Girl

Here at Tidy Models, we are able to provide exceptionally trained staff to create the perfect atmosphere for your brand or event. Our models are highly experienced in all areas of promotional work including, providing samples, generating leads as well as interacting with clients and raising awareness of a product or service, maximising your chances of success. So, if you think using a promotional girl would benefit your event, then look no further.

We understand that generating awareness of a business or product is a time-consuming task, but by allowing our staff to undertake your promotional work for you, leaves you free to engage with potential clients or mingle with guests. No matter your needs, we have the promotional girl suitable for the job, as each one of our staff is hand picked to suit your requirements based on their personality, competency and previous experience. We know all of our staff personally, so once we have the detailed brief, we are able to shortlist the most suitable promotional staff for your particular event.

We can also offer a selection of bi-lingual promotional staff, in order to further create a personal interaction with potential clients or to raise brand awareness. Our brand ambassadors are confident presenters, fast learners and know how to represent large and growing brands.

To see how we can help you choose the right promotional girl for your event, please contact us on 020 3000 7975, or via our online form.