Promo Girls London

For those that are looking for promo girls in London, we are here to help.

Whether your promotion is big or small, it’s going to be a big day for you either way. With much to do on the day and an endless list of things to do, it can seem daunting doing it all yourself. If you’re looking for a little helping hand and require the help of promo girls for your event in London, we are here to help.

Our girls

We are proud to have some of the countries best promo girls who are ready to make your day a success. Our team love nothing more than attending events and will do what they can do make the day run seamlessly. Our services include brand ambassadors, data capturing, in-store promotions and sampling staff. We can also assist with greeting guests, handing out food and drinks and collecting lead generation information.

If you would like to about our promo girls, get in touch today! Give us a call on 020 3000 7975, or drop us an email at where we will be happy to answer any questions.

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