Promo Girls In London

Promo girls are essentially female promotional staff who assist at events by representing a brand, product or service. Promo girls have been credited with helping to enhance the exposure and promotion of a particular brand, and if you need a brand ambassador or selection of brand ambassadors at your next event then the team at Tidy Models can provide the ideal promo girls.

Here at Tidy Models our promotional agency staff are vivacious, professional, proactive and have good communication and interpersonal skills. If you need a product or service promoted then they are the people to call on.

If you want to hire promo girls for your next event or exhibition then choose Tidy Models. As a leading supplier of exhibition staff at many trade shows and exhibitions, our staff will ensure success for your business at your event. You want to hire promo girls who will prove to be an asset to your business and who will portray your brand in the best possible light, creating opportunities for you and increasing brand exposure. Our promo girls can work in cities across the UK, including London.