Hire Promotional Girls

Promoting an event or a service is easier said than done. It takes skill, experience, and you need to know how to engage a potential customer’s attention – you need to get them excited and interested about a product or service. The solution? Hire promotional staff.

If you’re holding an event but you also need to promote a product or service then Tidy Models can help you out. Our promotional girls have all the qualities you would look in a promotions professional. They’re bright, engaging, efficient and skilled in promotions. We’ve got a lot of top quality talent on our books, so if you want to get the word out about something or make your event that little bit more successful then Tidy Models has the solution.

Our promotional staff are well-trained, and they have experience at working on many promotional campaigns and for many household brands. With promotional staff in London, Birmingham and Manchester and further afield, we can be on hand to help at your event wherever it might be in the UK.

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