Grid Girls Outfits

Grid girls can promote your brand, your business, your team’s logo, and they can model clothing. A grid girl’s outfit can be customised to meet your specific promotional needs. Do you want to hire grid girls for your next event?

Tidy Models provides grid girls for all major motor sporting events across the UK. From MotoGP to the British Superbike, our grid girls will be found at many high profile sporting events. They’re familiar with all the major circuits, from Silverstone to Goodwood, so you can expect personnel who know what they’re doing and who are familiar with the circuit in question.

What about the outfits? Our grid girls are comfortable in any styles of clothing, from lycra shorts to branded t-shirts. With great personalities and a commitment to providing the best service, our grid girls will leave your spectators with a smile on their faces.

We can supply grid girls who will boost the presence of your brand, deliver the image you want to convey, and promote your brand or sponsor effectively.

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