Grid Girls London

Not many motoring events come without grid girls. What do grid girls do? They bring glamour, sparkle and promotions expertise to an event, to a brand. They can represent a particular brand or organisation, helping to increase exposure of that brand. Grid girls can also help to promote a particular product on behalf of an organisation, ensuring it is promoted in a positive light.

Do you want to hire grid girls to help represent your brand at an upcoming event? You’ll see grid girls at every major sporting events, and if you’re looking for the best ambassadors for your brand, then you’ve come to the right agency: Tidy Models.

Our grid girls are familiar with all the events on the circuit, so will already be familiar with the event. All we’ll need is a brief and an understanding of your needs. Then we can deliver.

We have supplied promotional staff for many well-known brands and campaigns at events across the cities of Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester. Our promotional staff will ensure your event is the success you want it to be.

You need the best people for the best results.

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