Grid Girl Outfits

Whether you want to generate new leads or introduce a new product to potential customers in a positive way, promotional staff can work wonders at an event you might be hosting. Or perhaps you’re set to appear at a motor sporting event and you need grid girls to represent your brand or promote your services?

Grid girls are generally found at all sorts of motor sporting events. They can promote a service or a particular product, and help to make sure that your brand gets a great deal of exposure. Positive exposure for your brand, personnel or products is vital to your success, and our grid girls can help you achieve your goals.

Tidy Models provides grid girls for all major motor sporting events across the UK. From MotoGP to the British Superbike, our grid girls have appeared at many high profile sporting events. Experienced and ready to shine, our team can provide the highest standard of service, exceeding your expectations. Our team is familiar with all the main circuits, so whatever your needs, our grid girls will be able to provide the promotional support.

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