Find Exhibition Girls

Trade shows and conferences are arranged all the time by businesses these days. Often a little promotional representation goes a long way in the promotion of products, services or brands, whether it be at an exhibition, trade show, conference or event.

If you’re arranging an exhibition and you’d like to push the positive promotion of a particular product or service, then it’s advisable to hire exhibition staff. If you need to find exhibition staff, then turn to Tidy Models.

Here at Tidy Models, our exhibition staff can be hired to assist in the smooth-running of your event or exhibition. The duties which our staff can carry out for you include generating sales leads, collecting business cards, engaging people and potential business. Our staff can be dressed to suit the theme of the exhibition, and they can wear company-branded clothing.

Our exhibition girls will always prove an asset to your business, and we can be flexible with the promotional services we offer.
Look to Tidy Models if you need promotional assistance at your next event.