Affordable Promo Staff London

Are you looking to launch a new company? Perhaps a new brand which you need to promote at an event? Either way, a promotion can be made much easier with the help of staff. If you’re looking for affordable promo staff in London, choose Tidy Models today.

From ensuring your guests are suitably entertained and refreshed, to greeting them at the door, it can be hard running and event with just a few people on the floor. Hiring staff can make all the difference, and can help to make your day run smoothly. No longer will you need to worry about being in several places at once, and can instead concentrate all your energies on your brand.

Here at Tidy Models, we only hire the best and ensure we put the right people in the right positions. Our staff are highly adaptable, presentable, intelligent and professional, and can adapt to just about any event. Whether you need help with handing out samples, guerrilla marketing or data capture, we are here to help.

Fill out the contact form on our website to get in touch, or give us a call on 020 3000 7975 to discuss your requirements.

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